Keyboard Accessibility

Please note: The following information is taken from the Dojo Toolkit documentation and ESRI's documentation.

The mapping application used in this site is built on ESRI's Javascript API, which also utilizes dojo, a javascript library for cross-browser web layout and design.

Map Accessibility

See the Map Navigation tab for detailed information related to using the map with the keyboard or the mouse.

Title Panes: Expanding/Collapsing Panels
The left section of the screen next to the map contains a series of panels that can be expanded or collapsed to view information related to the map.

Keyboard Actions

Action Key
Toggle open/close of the Title Pane Enter or space key with focus on the panel's title.
Navigate into an opened Title Pane Tab
Tab Panels
Tab Panels may be used inside a Title Pane to organize content. For example, the Building Search panel is organized into tabs, one for the building dropdown list and another tab for the building search tools.

Keyboard Actions

Action Key
Navigate to next tab button Right arrow
Navigate to previous tab button Left arrow
Navigate to first tab button Home
Navigate to last tab button End
Navigate into page Tab
Dropdown Menus
The building dropdown and similar menus can be navigated using the keyboard.
Action Key
Set focus on the dropdown or search box Tab
Move up or down the list of projects Up or down arrows
Filter the dropdown or jump to a letter in the alphabet Type inside the dropdown or search box.
Select item Enter
Search Results table
When you use any of the search tools the results will be displayed in a table below. You can use the keyboard to navigate through the results.
Action Key
Navigate from search dropdown to the results list Tab
Navigate between rows in the list Arrow keys

Legend and Map Display Panel

  • The map legends are grouped in tabs by category.
  • Each layer on the map is listed by name with its map symbol.
  • Certain layers can be turned on or off one at a time by checking or unchecking the boxes in the list.
  • Some layers are not displayed on the map at all scales. When the map is zoomed out those layers are not visible. In this case the checkbox for that layer is disabled in the legend.
  • Similarly, the Aerial Image can be displayed using the button below the legend. The imagery can not be displayed when the map is zoomed out at larger scales, so the button is disabled until the map is zoomed in.
  • The option to manually toggle the Base Map layers is typically limited to select layers (if any), such as the map labels.

Map Feature Information

Depending on the map, there are a variety of ways to view additional information related to map features.

  1. Select from a list
    • Some maps include panels which contain a list of features.
    • Select a feature by clicking the item in the list.
    • Once you make your selection an information panel will display any data available for that item. Additionally, the map will zoom and center on that feature and it will be highlighted in red.
  2. Click on the Map
    • Click a feature on the map, such as a building. An information panel will display any data available for that item. Additionally, the map will zoom and center on that feature and it will be highlighted in red..
  3. Hover your mouse over a feature on the map
    • This method is typically used for map points. Hovering over a point will display a small info bubble with data related to that features.
    • Hide the info bubble by clicking the map away from a feature.

Link to a building or other feature on the Map

If a building has been selected a textbox will be displayed at the bottom of the panel. Click anywhere in the textbox to select the URL text. Use [Ctrl + C] to copy the selected URL, then paste it in any email or in the address bar of your browser.

Use this URL to provide a permanent link to the map with this building pre-selected. The site will load with the map zoomed in and centered on this location.

Link ButtonLink Button: Click this tool and a box will be displayed below the toolbar. Click inside the box to select the URL text, copy and paste to share this link.

Printing Recommendations

Print Tool The Print Tool on the map toolbar is recommended for best printing results. However, results may vary depending on your browser, browser version and operating system.

If the Print tool doesn't function properly, you may see better results by using your browser's print button.

Please keep in mind that all images rendered in your web browser, including the map images on this site, are not high-resolution images intended for quality print output.

Browser Support

This site works best in the following browsers:
  • Firefox 9+
  • Google Chrome 16+
  • Internet Explorer 9

Functionality in other browsers may vary.